Careers at BASIS Independent Schools

What makes BASIS Independent stand out?

Superior Outcomes

The average BASIS Independent student outperforms the typical U.S. student. BASIS Independent students also score higher than their global peers in Shanghai, Finland, and Singapore.

Expertise and Enthusiasm

BASIS Independent teachers have degrees in their fields. Many have advanced degrees, but not necessarily a teaching license. What they must have is the energy to spark interest.

Challenging Curriculum

To help prepare students for today's workforce, each grade K—12 focuses on building two core skills: organizing complex tasks and productively managing limited time.

A Culture of Purpose

Because we foster personal responsibility, BASIS Independent students come to class prepared and eager to learn. Teachers spend less time organizing and more time teaching.

A Collaborative Community

BASIS Independent teachers and Managers are a community of smart, talented, and interesting people. They constantly share ideas to enhance the education they impart to students.

Freedom, Growth, Pride

BASIS Independent teachers determine the best ways to inspire—they constantly expand their subject matter knowledge and classroom skills, and in turn, they make lifelong impacts on their students.

Support at every level

BASIS Independent Schools recognizes that the student-teacher relationship is the most vital part of our program. That’s why you’ll have:

  • The benefits of working in a highly social environment with interactive peers

  • Guidance from a network of mentor teachers sprinkled throughout our schools

  • Abundant resources and ongoing training necessary to teach

  • Strong backing from a supportive parent community

  • School managers who minimize administrative duties and classroom interruption

Learn About Our Philosophy

Teaching Opportunities

Primary School Teaching

BASIS Independent Primary Schools are revolutionizing elementary education by incorporating two key aspects from the widely successful BASIS Independent 5-12 curriculum: Subject Expertise and Student Focused Development.

Middle/Upper School Teaching

BASIS Independent Middle and Upper Schools offer an accelerated 5th – 12th grade science and liberal arts curriculum that is among the most interesting and rigorous in the country.