Foreign Teacher Program

Are you a foreign teacher interested in working in America?

BASIS.ed seeks for and employs some of the best teachers around the world. The BASIS.ed J-1 Teacher Program allows qualified, expert teachers from around the world teach in the BASIS.ed Network of schools in the United States for up 5 years.

Teaching at schools in the BASIS.ed Network allows you the opportunity to work with other exceptional educators, teach highly engaged students, and see and participate in the world-class academic environment of our schools.

Across all disciplines, you, as a Subject Expert Teacher, have the opportunity to share your passion for teaching and create a powerful learning experience for your students. To qualify for the BASIS.ed J-1 Teacher Program, you must have:

  • A degree in your subject, Master’s degree preferred (Elementary or Early Learning Education for Primary School Learning Expert Teachers)
  • 3 years of teaching experience in a K-12 environment, including your current teaching post
  • Meet all necessary qualifications to teach your subject at the designated level (Primary/Elementary, Middle School, High School) in your home country, including any necessary Teaching Certificate or designations.
  • The ability to successfully pass an extensive criminal check in your home country
  • Have a passion for your subject and a passion for teaching
  • The ability to connect with young students
  • Approval from your home school to participate in the cultural exchange of coming to the United States

If you are interested in teaching in the BASIS.ed Network in the United States, apply to the BASIS.ed J-1 Teacher Program.