Teaching Careers in
Primary Education

A Unique Approach to Primary School Teaching

BASIS Independent Schools showcases a unique primary school program that features a two-teacher model within a symbiotic classroom. Unlike most two teacher models, both teachers at BASIS Independent Schools are lead teachers who focus on different aspects of the learning process. Each grade 1–4 classroom has a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) and various Subject Expert Teachers (SET). Rather than remaining stagnant in one classroom with one teacher instructing them in various disciplines, the students walk from subject to subject accompanied by their LET. This sets our students up for a smoother transition to our challenging and dynamic middle school program where they no longer have an LET. Both the LET and the SET are qualified teachers who work together throughout the lesson to provide an equally strong focus on content and effective delivery of that content for all students. The BASIS Symbiotic Classroom allows students to develop into independent actors and thinkers while providing them emotional, social, and psychological support to do so with confidence.

The Learning Expert Teacher (LET) Role:

The Learning Expert Teacher (LET) possesses a deep knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques. The LET accompanies his/her designated group of students from classroom to classroom to cover all the different disciplines that the BASIS Curriculum has to offer. The LET acts as the connector and strategist for each of his/her students. Additionally, the LET works closely with each SET to ensure that each lesson plan is both deep and accessible so that the students are able to make connections between subjects throughout the day and the week. Perhaps most importantly, the LET delivers positive reinforcement and helps students manage their abilities to express themselves appropriately.

The Subject Expert Teacher (SET) Role:

The origin of the SET concept dates back to one of the founding principles of BASIS Curriculum Schools: educators with deep content knowledge who have either a degree in the subject they are teaching and/or real world experience in the field. This qualification is the key to sparking deep, enriched, and engaging learning in the classroom. SETs are able to focus their time and effort on readying the instructional environment. Unlike a traditional elementary school teacher who is tasked with teaching science with as much exuberance and competence as grammar, the SET is solely responsible for teaching one discipline to create an enriched, advanced learning environment in a field they are passionate about.

Training for New BASIS Independent teachers

As a new BASIS Independent teacher, you'll receive intensive training in the summer before you start through our BASIS Independent Summer Institute. There you'll learn about our innovative curriculum and how BASIS Independent Schools inspire—and achieve—academic excellence.

Also during your first year, you’ll participate in a peer-mentoring program lead by seasoned teachers and on-site managers. Plus, we invite all BASIS Independent teachers to collaborate and share best practices through our social network, BeLA.


The culture at BASIS Independent allows me to optimize my teaching time. With the support of the LET (Learning Expert Teacher), I feel that I can get the most out of every minute of class time. And I feel like I'm really TEACHING.

Donna Merchant
Subject Expert Teacher

I worked in a public school for five years, and left because I felt frustrated I was told to do things in my classroom that I did not feel were the best use of my students' precious time. Today, my students are fully engaged in learning from bell to bell.

Alison Sterling
Learning Expert Teacher