School Leadership & Administration

Supporting teachers and students on their paths towards excellence

School administrators
at BASIS Independent Schools

work diligently . . .

to ensure school morale and welfare for both students and teachers. They are passionate in their pursuit of delivering a high-quality education and cultivating a vibrant school environment for our students.

From our students to our families to our teachers and staff, our entire learning community depends on the support of strong leadership. Whether it is offering guidance and resources to teachers in the classroom, ensuring every student has the tools and encouragement to reach their top academic potential, or working to keep the campus running as smoothly as possible, our administrators are vital in upholding our culture and values.




At BASIS Independent Schools, we provide significant opportunities for those seeking to begin or continue their career in school administration to prove their expertise in a challenging and rewarding environment. From network-wide trainings every summer to school-site professional development programs, we empower our staff and faculty with the tools they need to grow professionally and develop the diverse and robust skills required to lead a school.

We don’t put a limit on one’s professional trajectory. When we see great work, we recognize it. We believe that your skills - both inherent and developed - as well as your passions, should dictate your career growth. Whether that means simply perfecting your craft, mentoring others, collaborating with seasoned leaders throughout our network, or aiming to lead our community as a School Director, Head of Operations, or Head of School, we welcome your most ambitious pursuits.

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Auxiliary Programs

In this role, you will help guide students to discover their passions and explore new interests outside of the classroom through clubs, sports, community-building events, and our summer program offerings.

Academic Programs

Bring your academic expertise and love of learning to our Academic Programs team, where you are the gate keeper to the BASIS Curriculum, handle assessment and scheduling, and ensure we align to meet network-wide expectations.

Student Affairs

Join the directors and deans who cover specific grade levels, from the primary grades to the high school years, to develop and administer plans to support and enhance the experience of our students, be it through academic support, social events, or other student-focused affairs.


In Admissions, you will help drive enrollment and guide new families through our application and admissions process as we welcome them to our program and educate them on the benefits of a BASIS Independent Schools education.

School & Student Services

On this team, you keep the entire campus operating smoothly. From organizing transportation to owning IT, managing parent communications to ensuring students are healthy and happy, our School & Student Services team is indispensable in making school a positive experience for the whole community.

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