Teaching at BASIS Independent Schools

Our passionate expert teachers are unwavering in their belief that with hard work, the right support, encouragement, and inspiration, any child can excel

Educating students at

the highest international levels

Ask any BASIS Independent student what makes their school different and they will tell you “the teachers.” The foundation of our learning culture and the success of our students lies in the hands of our teachers.



Subject Matter Expertise & Passion Are Key

We believe academic degrees or experience in disciplines taught - whether calculus or beginning Mandarin - and passion for that subject are the most important tools for inspiring deep content understanding in students.

While some new faculty members have been teaching for years, other aspiring teachers come from non-traditional backgrounds. However different their route into the classroom may be, expertise and passion are the unmistakable common denominator among all our teachers.

We hire teachers who are committed to sharing their expertise and helping students become the best versions of themselves. All final teaching candidates are invited to conduct a Teacher Demo, where our candidates are given the opportunity to teach a lesson, challenge students, show their subject expertise, as well as show their ability to communicate high-level subject matter to young students.

Good Teachers Learn From & Support One Another

Our teachers’ network of professional support is one of the benefits of teaching at BASIS Independent Schools. New teachers participate in a summer training institute designed to onboard and introduce new hires to the curriculum and culture of BASIS Independent Schools.

Both new and seasoned BASIS Independent teachers have professional training that takes place throughout the school year via a peer-mentoring program and collaboration with Subject Advisors, other experienced teachers, and on-site managers. Subject Advisors in particular share pedagogical best practices, brainstorm ways to optimize their approach and teaching techniques, and inspire new ways to present material that are challenging, fun, and meet learning objectives.

Teacher collaboration, whether done through formal events throughout the year or day-to-day problem solving, is an important ingredient in student success.

Autonomy + Accountability = Our Secret Sauce

The balance between autonomy in the classroom and shared accountability is what maintains academic quality control across all our campuses. We don’t hand a teacher a fully written curriculum for a course, but allow them the flexibility to develop innovative ways to meet (and exceed) our high-level standards.

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in trusting our best-in-class educators and giving them the autonomy and flexibility to do what they do best: teach!

Unbounded Opportunities for

Career Growth


At every level and in every position, BASIS Independent Schools provides various opportunities for career advancement. We offer network-wide trainings each summer and school-side professional development programs that allow our staff and faculty to grow and become even better educators. Teachers are also eligible for end-of-year bonuses based on their performance and are invited to participate in shaping the curriculum and best practices utilized across campuses.

We don’t put a limit on one’s professional trajectory. When we see great work we recognize it. We believe that your skills - both inherent and developed - as well as your passions, should dictate your professional growth. For some, growth will mean further perfecting your teaching craft, and for others it will mean becoming a Subject Advisor (helping to further develop curriculum and mentor teachers throughout our schools) or Dean, Director, Head of School, or taking on a central office position.

From our


OUR Teaching


Subject Expert Teacher

Present in all grades 1 and above, Subject Expert Teachers (SETs) are the shepherds of academic content and are focused on high-level mastery. SETs use their passion for their subjects to inspire students while teaching them at a higher level than what is expected of students of a particular age. SETs almost always hold advanced degrees in or have a great deal of experience in their discipline.

Learning Expert Teacher

Present in grades 1–4 classrooms, Learning Expert Teachers (LETs) are masters of the learning process and of social-emotional growth in students. They accompany their students all day, from class to class, and ensure that the Subject Expert Teacher (SET) are reaching each and every child in the class. LETs also play a lead role in literacy and Connections classes. The partnership of one LET and SET in each classroom and for each subject forms the Symbiotic Classroom of our primary program.

Teaching Fellow

These invaluable educators support SETs and work under the mentorship of a more experienced teacher. They contribute in the effort to build and maintain a strong, positive, achievement-oriented school culture, and they assist with any issues relating to the well-being of students. Our Teaching Fellows have the same type of contagious passion and intellect as our SETs and are a significant part of our classroom structure.

Early Learning Teachers

Unlike the Primary, Middle, and High School Programs, the Early Learning Program is primarily self-enclosed. Students don’t move classrooms for each subject and remain engaged in their vibrant, specialized classrooms throughout the school day. Early Learning Teachers lead our kindergarten and younger classrooms and are responsible for delivering most of the content to students by bringing their own pedagogical expertise to the classroom.